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Special Hermitian metrics on non-Kähler manifolds

created by daniele on 02 Nov 2015
modified on 14 Apr 2016

20 apr 2016 - 22 apr 2016

Aula Tricerri, DiMaI "Ulisse Dini", Università di Firenze, Italy

The workshop:
"Special Hermitian metrics on non-Kähler manifolds",
will be held:
on April 20-22, 2016,
at Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica "Ulisse Dini",
Università di Firenze, Italy.

Aim of the workshop is to present the state-of-the-art on non-Kähler special metrics, which has been developing much interest and importance in the recent years, as well as to point out which open problems could be particuarly worth of further developement.

The 3-days workshop consists of a 3-hours mini-course by Ben Weinkove on "The complex Monge-Ampère equation on non-Kähler manifolds", by seven 1-hour talks by distinguished international researchers, and by two 30-minutes talks by young PhD students, on Hermitian geometry of complex non-Kähler manifolds.

The list of invited speakers includes:
- Vestislav Apostolov (Université du Québec à Montréal)
- Anna Fino (Università di Torino)
- Mike Lock (The University of Texas at Austin)
- Andrei Moroianu (Université de Versailles–St Quentin)
- Liviu Ornea (University of Bucharest)
- Alexandra Otiman (University of Bucharest)
- Massimiliano Pontecorvo (Università di Roma 3)
- Miron Stanciu (University of Bucharest)
- Nicoletta Tardini (Università di Pisa)
- Ben Weinkove (Northwestern University)

For further informations and for registration (deadline: March 31), please visit the webpage:

The event is supported by:
SIR2014 "Analytic aspects in complex and hypercomplex geometry",
and GNSAGA of INdAM.

Please, feel free to contact the organizers:
- Daniele Angella (
- Simone Calamai (
- Cristiano Spotti (

Organizers: Daniele Angella, Simone Calamai, Cristiano Spotti.

Participants (31).


20 Apr 2016: B. Weinkove: The complex Monge-Ampère equation on non-Kähler manifolds, 1 Aula Tricerri, DiMaI, Firenze
21 Apr 2016: B. Weinkove: The complex Monge-Ampère equation on non-Kähler manifolds, 2 Aula Tricerri, DiMaI, Firenze
22 Apr 2016: B. Weinkove: The complex Monge-Ampère equation on non-Kähler manifolds, 3 Aula Tricerri, DiMaI, Firenze

20 Apr 2016
10:30 - A. Otiman: Constructions in locally conformally symplectic geometry
11:30 - M. Stanciu: Constructions involving the blow-up of locally conformally symplectic manifolds
14:30 - L. Ornea: On the rank of locally conformally Kaehler manifolds
16:00 - A. Moroianu: The holonomy problem for locally conformally Kähler metrics
21 Apr 2016
10:30 - M. Pontecorvo: Bi-Hermitian metrics on Kato surfaces
11:30 - N. Tardini: Geometrically Bott-Chern formal metrics
14:30 - V. Apostolov: Locally Conformally Symplectic Structures on Compact Non-Kaehler Complex Surfaces
16:00 - A. Fino: Special hermitian metrics in symplectic geometry
22 Apr 2016
10:30 - M. Lock: Special Hermitian metrics characterized by relationships between scalar curvatures

Speakers: Vetislav Apostolov, Anna Fino, Mike Lock, Andrei Moroianu, Liviu Ornea, Alexandra Otiman, Massimiliano Pontecorvo, Miron Stanciu, Nicoletta Tardini, Ben Weinkove.


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