Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
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Informal Geometry Workshop in "Paradiso"

created by daniele on 19 Sep 2017
modified on 14 Jan 2018

22 jan 2018 - 24 jan 2018


Organizers: Daniele Angella, Cristiano Spotti, Luigi Vezzoni, Michela Zedda.


22 Jan 2018: H. Guenancia: Variation of singular Kähler-Einstein metrics Cogne
22 Jan 2018: C. Scarpa: Hitchin equations for cscK metrics Cogne
22 Jan 2018: M. De Borbon: Calabi-Yau metrics with conical singularities along line arrangements Cogne
22 Jan 2018: M. Sroka: Quaternionic Calabi Conjecture Cogne
22 Jan 2018: A. Della Vedova: Special almost complex structures on symplectic manifolds Cogne
22 Jan 2018: V. Manero: Solution of the Laplacian flow and coflow of a Locally Conformal Parallel G2-structure Cogne
22 Jan 2018: R. Lafuente: Immortal homogeneous Ricci flows Cogne
22 Jan 2018: F. A. Rossi: Einstein nilpotent Lie groups Cogne
22 Jan 2018: N. Tardini: The Bott-Chern cohomology and the delta_1delta_2-lemma Cogne
22 Jan 2018: A. Latorre: Construction of complex structures on nilmanifolds Cogne
23 Jan 2018: L. Bedulli: Balanced metrics on complex manifolds and geometric flows of closed forms Cogne
23 Jan 2018: M. Upmeier: Almost Kähler 4-manifolds of Constant Holomorphic Sectional Curvature are Kähler Cogne
23 Jan 2018: S. Lancini: About solutions to the Einstein constraint equations with apparent horizons Cogne
23 Jan 2018: R. Maccheroni: Complex analytic properties of minimal Lagrangian submanifolds Cogne
23 Jan 2018: R. Ugolini: A new notion of tameness Cogne
23 Jan 2018: G. Sarfatti: Slice polynomials and twistor geometry Cogne
23 Jan 2018: K. Panagiotidou: Types of Ricci tensors of real hypersurfaces in Hermitian symmetric spaces Cogne
23 Jan 2018: I. Chrysikos: A new 1/2-Ricci type formula on the spinor bundle and applications Cogne
24 Jan 2018: T. D. To: Fully non-linear parabolic equations on compact Hermitian manifolds Cogne
24 Jan 2018: H. Tadano: Myers-Type Theorems, Diameter Bounds, and Gap Theorems for Sasaki Manifolds Cogne
24 Jan 2018: L. Bagaglini: A constrained heat flow of G2-structures Cogne
24 Jan 2018: A. Raffero: Two remarkable classes of symplectic half-flat 6-manifolds Cogne
24 Jan 2018: L. Foscolo: Cohomogeneity one G2-manifolds Cogne

Speakers: Leonardo Bagaglini, Lucio Bedulli, Ioannis Chrysikos, Martin De Borbon, Alberto Della Vedova, Lorenzo Foscolo, Henri Guenancia, Ramiro Lafuente, Samuele Lancini, Adela Latorre, Roberta Maccheroni, Víctor Manero, Konstantina Panagiotidou, Alberto Raffero, Federico A. Rossi, Giuia Sarfatti, Carlo Scarpa, Marcin Sroka, Homare Tadano, Nicoletta Tardini, Tat Dat To, Riccardo Ugolini, Markus Upmaier.

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