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Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
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Variations on the Bernstein problem in asymptotically flat spaces

Alessandro Carlotto

created by giovanni on 04 Feb 2015
modified by daniele on 11 Feb 2015

11 feb 2015 -- 17:30

Aula seminari, DM, Pisa


The Bernstein problem, namely the problem of classifying all entire minimal hypergraphs in Euclidean spaces has played a crucial role in the development of Analysis throughout the whole course of the twentieth century. In this talk, I will discuss its natural extension to asymptotically flat manifolds, where it is motivated by the study of the large-scale structure of initial data sets for the Einstein field equation. I will first present the basic non-existence result and its relation to the asymptotic Plateau problem and then mention the application of similar techniques to the study of 1) large CMC spheres and isoperimetric domains (C.-Chodosh-Eichmair), 2) marginally outer-trapped surfaces (C.) and 3) the zero set of static potentials (Galloway-Miao).

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