Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
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Combinatorial Algebraic Topology and Applications

Brain Structure, Function, and Reliability Explored Using Combinatorial Algebraic Topology

Jason Smith

created by collari on 18 Oct 2023
modified on 20 Nov 2023

27 nov 2023 -- 12:00


We explore how tools from combinatorial algebraic topology can be used to better understand the structure and function of connectomes (brain networks). We use the Blue Brain model as a demonstration of these tools. We explore basic graph theory metrics of the structure and introduce some topological generalisations of these metrics that reveal different structural information. We introduce a technique for classifying input stimuli using the functional response of the connectome. We finish we by briefly looking at the difference between efficiency and reliability in connectomes.

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