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Research positions at IMPAN (Poland)

created by daniele on 10 Jan 2024

Deadline: 31 jan 2024

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Dear Colleagues,

I would like to advertise an open call for several positions at IMPAN (Institute of Mathematics of Polish Academy of Sciences). These are available to all branches of mathematics, including algebraic geometry, and come with no teaching obligations (short term positions) or with limited teaching obligations (long term positions).

Deadline for applications: Jan 31st, 2024. Links to the open calls:

Short term:

Long term:

List of all open calls at IMPAN:

The positions are quite flexible in terms of starting date and also the location (within Poland), as the Institute has its branches in a couple of major cities across the country.

Algebraic Geometers at IMPAN include:

Piotr Achinger (Warsaw branch),

Jarosław Buczyński (Warsaw branch),

Michał Kapustka (Kraków branch),

In addition, the institute closely collaborates with Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Mechanics of University of Warsaw (MIMUW, In particular, algebraic geometers from IMPAN Warsaw branch collaborate with algebraic geometers from MIMUW (including, but not limited to, Joachim Jelisiejew, Adrian Langer, Andrzej Weber, Jarosław Wiśniewski, Janusz Grabowski, Bronisław Jakubczyk, Wojciech Kryński). In Krakow the algebraic geometry group collaborates with other local algebraic geometers from the Jagiellonian University (including Sławomir Cynk, Grzegorz Kapustka, Sławomir Rams) and the University of the National Education Commission (including Piotr Pokora, Tomasz Szemberg, Justyna Szpond).

Long term positions involve a short-term exchange with MIMUW (or possibly Jagiellonian Uni in Kraków), and the successful candidate has teaching duties for the period at MIMUW or UJ.

Best regards,
Jarek Buczyński

PS. MIMUW should also have several open positions soon. They will be advertised here:

Note that these MIMUW positions will involve regular teaching duties, with teaching in English or in Polish.

PPS. I am sorry if you have received this message multiple times.

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