Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
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D. Angella - S. Calamai - H. Kasuya

Cohomologies of generalized complex manifolds and nilmanifolds

created by stoppato on 08 Nov 2016
modified by daniele on 17 Nov 2017


Published Paper

Inserted: 8 nov 2016
Last Updated: 17 nov 2017

Journal: J. Geom. Anal.
Volume: 27
Number: 1
Pages: 142-161
Year: 2017
Doi: 10.1007/s12220-016-9677-z

ArXiv: 1405.0981 PDF
Links: arXiv:1405.0981


We study generalized complex cohomologies of generalized complex structures constructed from certain symplectic fibre bundles over complex manifolds. We apply our results in the case of left-invariant generalized complex structures on nilmanifolds and to their space of small deformations.

Tags: FIRB2012-DGGFT

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