Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
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Workshop on 4-manifolds

created by daniele on 04 Apr 2019

16 sep 2019 - 20 sep 2019

MPIM Bonn Germany

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This is the first announcement of the following conference:

Workshop on 4-manifolds
Max Planck Institute for Mathematics
Bonn, Germany
September 16-20, 2019
Confirmed plenary speakers:

David Gabai (Princeton)
Robert Gompf (UT Austin)
Sergei Gukov (Caltech)
Andras Juhasz (Oxford)
Du Pei (Caltech)
Lisa Piccirillo (UT Austin/Brandeis)
Juanita Pinzon-Caicedo (NCSU/MPIM)
Mark Powell (Durham)
Rob Schneiderman (CUNY)
Hannah Schwartz (Bryn Mawr/MPIM)
Laura Starkston (UC Davis)
Andras Stipsicz (Renyi institute)
Alex Zupan (UNL)

In addition, we gladly welcome submission of abstracts for consideration as contributed talks.

Deadline for funding and contributed talks: June 1, 2019
Deadline for registration: August 31, 2019

Best wishes,
David Gay (UGA)
Jeffrey Meier (UGA)
Arunima Ray (MPIM)
Peter Teichner (MPIM)

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