Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
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2015 Torino/Trento School (and Workshop) on "Finite subgroups of Cremona groups"

created by daniele on 04 Nov 2014

24 aug 2015 - 29 aug 2015

Trento, Italy

TRENTO, AUGUST 24-29, 2015

First announcement

I. Cheltsov (University of Edinburgh – UK)
Y. Prokhorov (Steklov Institute of Mathematics – Ru)

Supporting lecturer and tutor.
C. Shramov (Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry, GU-HSE – Ru).

The SchoolWorkshop is organized by G. Casnati, F. Galluzzi, R. Notari, F. Vaccarino. For contacting the organizers send a mail to

geometri nospam

The SchoolWorkshop is supported by CIRM-Fondazione Bruno Kessler (formerly CIRM-ITC), by Dipartimento di Matematica-Politecnico di Torino also through the Research Project "Geometria delle Varietà algebriche" cofinanced by Italian MIUR.

The School and the Workshop will take place at

Fondazione Bruno Kessler-IRST
via Sommarive, 18
38050 Povo (Trento) - Italy

Aim of the School.
The School is mainly aimed to Phd students and young researchers in Algebraic Geometry, introducing the participants to research, beginning from a basic level with a view towards the applications and to the most recent results.
I. Cheltsov. Dimension 2. G-rigid del Pezzo surfaces. G-rigid conic bundles. Simple subgroups in the plane Cremona group. p-groups in plane Cremona group. G-Sarkisov links between G-Fano varieties. Three-dimensional examples. The case of algebraically non-closed field. G-rigid Fano threefolds. Cases when G is a simple group of order either 168 and 360. Essential dimension of finite groups and Cremona groups. Duncan's theorems. Kollar-Szabo theorem. Icosahedron subgroups in space Cremona groups.
Y. Prokhorov. Regularization of birational automorphisms, G-Minimal Model Program, G-Mori fiber spaces, examples. G-Fano varieties. Riemann–Roch theorem for non-Gorenstein threefolds. Bogomolov-Miyaoka-Yau inequality. Applications. Simple subgroups of space Cremona group (answer to a question of Serre). Big finite subgroups of the space Cremona group: p-groups and symmetric group of order 720. Cohomological approach to the study of finite subgroups of Cremona groups.

Web Site.
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