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Workshop Four Manifolds: Confluence of High and Low Dimensions

created by daniele on 06 Jan 2019

8 jul 2019 - 12 jul 2019

Fields Institute in Toronto

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This is a first announcement about the workshop Four Manifolds: Confluence of High and Low Dimensions to be held at the Fields Institute in Toronto, July 8 - 12, 2019. The workshop will consist of a number of research talks, both invited and contributed, about low- and high-dimensional manifolds with a focus on their common intersection in dimension 4. Talks will be aimed at a broad audience of manifold topologists.

Confirmed speakers:
- Jae Choon Cha (POSTECH)
- Diarmuid Crowley (The University of Melbourne)
- Jim Davis (Indiana University)
- Dave Gabai (Princeton University)
- Robert Gompf (University of Texas at Austin)
- Hokuto Konno (University of Tokyo)
- Robin Koytcheff (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
- Mona Merling (Johns Hopkins University)
- Maggie Miller (Princeton University)
- Sam Nariman (Northwestern University)
- Oscar Randal-Williams (University of Cambridge)
- Hannah Schwartz (Bryn Mawr College)
- Dev Sinha (University of Oregon, TBC)
- Tadayuki Watanabe (Shimane University)

The registration and abstract submission are available at:

Limited financial support is available to cover participants' travel and local expenses. Priority will be given to junior researchers and those without other sources of funding. Additional NSF funding is available for US-based participants. To be considered for funding, please fill out the Funding Application Form which is a part of the online registration.

Important dates:
- Funding application deadline: 1st March
- Contributed talk submission deadline: 1st March

- Registration deadline: May 1, 2019. (Early registration is appreciated, to help us in our planning.)

We are looking forward to seeing you in Toronto!

Organizers: Mark Powell, Ian Hambleton, Alexander Kupers, Arunima Ray

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