Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
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workshop on mixed Hodge modules and Hodge ideals

created by daniele on 21 Nov 2018

1 apr 2019 - 5 apr 2019


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Dear colleagues,

we would like to advertise the conference "mixed Hodge modules and Hodge ideals" taking place in the university of Angers on 1-5 April 2019. There will be 3 series of lectures
- Claude Sabbah will talk 5h on Mixed Hodge modules
- Nero Budur will talk 4h on Hodge ideals
- Michel Granger will talk 4h on Bernstein polynomials

You can register on the website of the conference here

We will cover the local expenses : housing and lunch.
We have some found to cover some travels for young people.

Best regards,

Nicolas Dutertre
David Kern
Etienne Mann

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