Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
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Summer School on Geometric Representation Theory

created by daniele on 21 Mar 2018

9 jul 2018 - 13 jul 2018

IST Austria

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Summer School on Geometric Representation Theory,
(9 July—13 July 2018, IST Austria)

Mini-course speakers

• Iain Gordon (University of Edinburgh)
• Andrei Negut (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) — Moduli spaces of sheaves: geometry and representation theory
• Nicholas Proudfoot (University of Oregon) — The Hikita Conjecture
• Catharina Stroppel (University of Bonn)

Research talk speakers

• Martina Balagovic (Newcastle University)
• Tina Kanstrup (Hausdorff Center for Mathematics)
• Neil Saunders (University of Greenwich)
• Alexander Shapiro (University of Toronto)
• Tom Sutherland (University of Mainz)

The topic of the summer school is geometric representation theory, with an emphasis on quiver varieties, symplectic resolutions, quantization, and cluster algebras. A major goal of geometric representation theory is to reveal unifying geometric and categorical perspectives on classical representation-theoretic objects, and to use these perspectives to solve long-standing algebraic problems. Quiver varieties, and more generally symplectic resolutions, precipitate geometric realizations of various non-commutative algebras and lead to a deeper understanding of the representation theory of these algebras. The non-commutative algebras of interest include algebras of differential operators, enveloping algebras, and quantum groups. More recently, cluster algebras have emerged as a major bridge between a vast array of mathematical topics.

The aim of the summer school is to provide mini-courses on active themes in geometric representation theory, including those mentioned above. In addition, there will be research talks on recent progress in the field, and a poster session featuring work of graduate students.

Registration deadline: 31 March, 2018

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