Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
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Structured Matrix Days 2018

created by naldi on 16 Mar 2018

14 may 2018 - 15 may 2018

Lyon, France

Matrices that arise from a large range of problems in mathematics, physics, engineering etc. typically display a characteristic structure, such as sparsity patterns or a rank structure (e.g., quasisemi-separable, Toeplitz-like etc.). Exploiting this structure is the key to the design of more efficient algorithms.

The study of structured matrices is an interdisciplinary field that places itself at a crossroads between symbolic computation (uni- and multivariate polynomial computation, matrix polynomials...), numerical linear algebra (solution of linear systems, classical and generalized eigenvalue problems, functions of matrices...), and more generally all applications that involve structured problems.

The conference aims to provide an opportunity for researchers from several fields to present their results, exchange ideas, develop and improve collaborations.

Organizers: Paola Boito, Claude-Pierre Jeannerod, Simone Naldi, Vincent Neiger, Tristan Vaccon, Gilles Villard.

Speakers: José Henrique de Morais Goulart, Stefano Massei, Bernard Mourrain, Françoise Tisseur, Lloyd N. Trefethen.

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