Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
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BIGWII - Singularities and Symplectic Topology: Programme and applications

created by daniele on 13 Feb 2018

14 jul 2018 - 20 jul 2018

Durrell Wildlife Hostel, Jersey (UK)

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Third Announcement for the second edition of the BIG Workshop
British Isles Graduate Workshop II
Singularities and Symplectic Topology Durrell Wildlife Hostel, Jersey (UK)
14th-20th July 2018 This workshop will be an intensive introduction to the study of singularities using symplectic topology for a group of 25 graduate students, led by three senior mathematicians. Most of the talks will be given by participants. The workshop will be informal in style, and applications are encouraged from students with diverse backgrounds and at any stage of their graduate career. A detailed, provisional programme for the workshop can now be found on the website. The costs of accommodation and meals will be covered for all participants. Applications are nor open and the deadline to apply is March 23rd2018. There will be a registration fee to be likely around £50. For more information,please visit
A link to the previous edition of the BIGW can be found at
This workshop is organized by Emily Maw (University College London), Mirko Mauri (Imperial college London) and Andrea Tirelli (Imperial college London and SISSA).

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