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Stavanger Workshop: Sheaves, curves and moduli

created by daniele on 02 Nov 2017

16 apr 2018 - 20 apr 2018

University of Stavanger, Norway

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Workshop: Sheaves, curves and moduli
University of Stavanger, Norway.
16-20 April, 2018.

The aim of the workshop is to exchange and explore developments and ideas on moduli spaces in algebraic geometry (Hilbert schemes, moduli of curves, moduli of sheaves), their construction and fundamental properties (stability conditions, algebraic stacks, GIT), their geometry and associated invariants.

Preliminary list of speakers:

- Jochen Heinloth (University of Duisburg-Essen)
- Daniel Huybrechts (TBC) (University of Bonn)
- Alexander Kuznetsov (Steklov Mathematical Institute)
- Emanuele Macrì (Northeastern University)
- Giovanni Mongardi (University of Bologna)
- John Christian Ottem (University of Oslo)
- Nicola Pagani (University of Liverpool)
- Jørgen Vold Rennemo (University of Oslo)
- Greg Stevenson (University of Glasgow)
- Charles Vial (University of Bielefeld)
- Filippo Viviani (Roma Tre University)

If you are interested in attending, please register here:

There is a limited amount of financial support which can be put towards accommodation. Contributed talks are welcomed and can be suggested in the registration form. Deadlines for registrations are 1 Februrary, 2018 (with funding, and also for contributed talks), and 1 March, 2018 (without funding).

The organizers.

Jonas Bergström (Stockholms Universitet)
Martin Gulbrandsen (Universitetet i Stavanger)
Martí Lahoz (Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7/Universitat de Barcelona)
Ciaran Meachan (University of Glasgow)
David Rydh (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan)

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