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Summer School on Mixed Hodge Modules and Birational Geometry

created by daniele on 01 Oct 2017

9 jul 2018 - 13 jul 2018

Johannes Gutenberg-Univeristät Mainz, Germany

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First announcement of the SFB/TRR45 Summer School "Mixed Hodge modules and birational Geometry"

Date: July 9--13, 2018
Place: Johannes Gutenberg-Univeristät Mainz, Germany

This summer school is intended for advanced master students, PhD students, and young researchers in algebraic geometry.
The purpose is to familiarize the participants with techniques from Hodge Theory, in particular mixed Hodge modules, and their applications to problems in birational geometry.

Scientific organizer
Manuel Blickle

Lecture courses by
Mihnea Popa (Northwestern) (mini-course)
Mircea Mustata (Michigan) (mini-course)
Florian Ivorra (Rennes) (mini-course)

Furter speakers include
Jean Babtiste Teissier (Loeven) (intro nearby cycles)
Nero Budur (Loeven)
Christian Schnell (Stony Brook)

​The summer school is taking place at the University of Mainz, Germany. It is funded by the DFG research collective SFB/TRR45 "Periods, Moduli and the arithmetic of algebraic varieites". Members will receive full funding. Limited funding for local expenses is also available. Further information will be available shortly on the website

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