Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
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52nd Seminar Sophus Lie

created by bazzoni on 29 Sep 2017

14 dec 2017 - 15 dec 2017


The 52nd SEMINAR SOPHUS LIE will take place at the Department of Mathematics of Leipzig University, Augustusplatz 10, D-04109 Leipzig.

Talks will start on Thursday morning and end in the afternoon of Friday around 4 pm. On the afternoon of Wednesday, December, 13 there will be a special colloquium in honour of the 175th birthday of Sophus Lie, speakers are Henrik Schlichtkrull and Konrad Schmuedgen.

REGISTRATION: There is no registration fee, but we kindly ask for organizational reasons to register before OCTOBER, 31. Please send an Email with the following informations 1. Name and affiliation 2. Prospective date of arrival and departure 3. Conference dinner, Yes-No to the following address:

ACCOMMODATION: Please make your own hotel reservation and make it well in advance since hotels may be booked out due to Christmas time. The two hotels MOTEL ONE "Leipzig-Nikolaikirche" and MOTEL ONE "Leipzig-Augustusplatz" are very close to the math department. In case of questions please contact us under the email address:

CONFERENCE DINNER: We plan to have a conference dinner after the talks on thursday, December 14 on the basis of individual payment. Please indicate in your registration whether you plan to participate.

Organizers: Tobias Finis, Hans-Bert Rademacher, Konrad Schmuedgen.

Speakers: Christian Jaekel, Ines Kath, Jasmin Matz, Jan Moellers, Felix Pogorzelski, Anke Pohl, Henrik Schlichtkrull, Lorenz Schwachhoefer.

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