Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
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The first mathematical school of Algebraic Geometry and Applications in Tunisia

created by daniele on 18 Dec 2016

11 sep 2017 - 15 sep 2017

Hammamet, Tunisia

Scientific Committee

M. Akriche (IPEIB, Tunisia)
A. Baklouti (SMT Chair, Tunisia)
A. Ben Abda (ENIT, Tunisia)
A. Dickenstein (FCEN, Argentina)
L. Ghammam (ENSI Caen, France)
S. Khenissy (TWMA Chair, Tunisia)
M-F. Roy (CWM Chair, France)

Organizing Committee

R. Amami (FST, Tunisia)
S. Bennaceur (IPEIM, Tunisia)
B. Hafassa (ESIVL, France)
L. Jaafar Belaid (INSAT, Tunisia)
S. Mahfoudh (ISG, Tunisia)
Y. Rébaï (EPT, Tunisia)

Welcome Committee

K. Mbarki (FSM, Tunisia)
M. Moalla (ISBST, Tunisia)
S. Saanouni (ISMAI, Tunisia)

tunwma (AT)

To register (From January 30, 2017 to May 30, 2017):

Second Meeting of the TWMA 2017
The first mathematical school of “Algebraic Geometry and Applications”
11-15 September 2017, Hammamet, TUNISIA
The mathematical specialty of Algebraic Geometry is not very developed in Tunisia and we have very few Tunisian specialists in this important field, hence our great motivation to make this mathematical school to invite the young Tunisian students to discover it. This Mathematical School is dedicated to Master Degree students to deepen and enrich their mathematical training and to PhD students who already are making a thesis in the field of algebraic geometry or who need to either dicover or complement their mathematical training in this field. Two mini-courses in algebraic geometry will be presented during 5 days by Ms. Marie-Françoise ROY and Ms. Elise LORENZO GARCIA (15 hours). The courses include a significant proportion of time devoted to background and introductory material. We want this school to offer an exciting opportunity for students and teachers to meet, exchange ideas, discuss and evolve. The aim is to encourage, energize and motivate mathematical research in general and in this area in particular .

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