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Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
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Workshop on analytic aspects of G2 manifolds at the Fields Institute

created by daniele on 04 Nov 2016

21 aug 2017 - 25 aug 2017

Fields Institute in Toronto

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[...] a workshop on "G2 manifolds and related topics", to be held at the Fields Institute in Toronto, during the period August 21-25, 2017. This is a Monday-Friday. The workshop will be immediately preceded on August 19-20 (Sat/Sun) by a "minischool" to bring graduate students, postdocs, or other researchers who are less familiar with the field up to speed for the workshop. Note that the workshop is intending to focus on the analytic aspects of G2 geometry, including: glueing constructions; singularities; moduli spaces; G2 instantons; calibrated submanifolds; flows in G2 geometry; and related topics. The workshop is part of a larger Thematic Program on Geometric Analysis that is being held at the Fields Institute from July 1st, 2017, to December 31st, 2017, which will feature at least two other workshops (on geometric flows and on relations between GR and AdS/CFT) as well as a graduate summer school in July 2017. More details about the thematic program can be found here:

This early email is for two purposes:

[1] Mark your calendars about the G2 workshop. We hope you can join us! (And forward this email to any other interested potential participants.)

[2] There is some funding available to partially support long-term visitors to the Fields Institute in conjunction with the Thematic Program on Geometric Analysis. A long-term visitor is defined as "at least two weeks" and in principle up to the full 6 month term. Although full funding for 6 months is out of the reach of our budget, we certainly can and do intend to fully support several long-term visitors for periods of two to six weeks, and we may be able to at least partially support some visitors for longer periods. The application form for long-term visits is also on the above linked webpage, on the right hand side. (In a few months there will also be a short-term visitor application.) The "deadline" for the long-term visitor application is mid-November (very soon!) although it is somewhat soft. Regardless, if you are interested in visiting Fields for at least two weeks in conjunction with this workshop or any other activities/events associated to the Thematic Program on Geometric Analysis, we encourage you to submit your application early.

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