Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
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VBAC2016 "Higgs bundles and Hitchin system"

created by daniele on 12 Sep 2015

11 jan 2016 - 15 jan 2016

Centre Interfacultaire Bernoulli, Lausanne

VBAC2016 (Vector Bundles on Algebraic Curves 2016)
Centre Interfacultaire Bernoulli, Lausanne
11-15 January 2016
Higgs Bundles and Hitchin System

The workshop forms part of a semester: Enumerative geometry of moduli spaces of sheaves in low dimension

Organisers: Oscar Garcia-Prada, Tamas Hausel, Andras Szenes

Invited speakers will include David Baraglia, Lucas Branco, Peter Gothen, Sergei Gukov, Ludmil Katzarkov, Tony Pantev, Ana Peon, Laura Schaposnik, Samson Shatashvili, Richard Wentworth, Graeme Wilkin.

There will be scope for some contributed talks.

For further details and registration (deadline: 15 December 2015), go to Limited financial assistance is available, especially for early stage researchers.

VBAC Committee: Peter Newstead (Chair), Usha Bhosle, Steven Bradlow, Leticia Brambila-Paz, Ugo Bruzzo, Carlos Florentino, Oscar Garcia-Prada, Peter Gothen, Daniel Hernandez Ruiperez, Alastair King, Herbert Lange, Antony Maciocia, Ignasi Mundet i Riera, Christian Pauly, Alexander Schmitt, Andras Szenes.

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